Tuesday, 9 October 2007

My battle begins

My name is Susan Smith and, on the 16th July 2005, my life changed for ever. My only son was killed in Iraq when a "Snatch" Land Rover he was driving was hit by a roadside bomb.

His name was Private Phillip Dale Rimes Hewett. He was in the Staffordshire Regiment and died alongside two of his friends. When I looked at the face of Phillip lying in his coffin I felt a sadness that I can not describe.

But since that time I have put all my effort in to finding out why he was in a "Snatch" at all. The Army knew they would not be of any use against an IED. I was told that they used them so as to not upset the locals. Since that time 20 other soldiers have died in these Snatches. Yet, at the time, there were 43 Warriors in the camp but they chose not to use them.

Phillip was owed a duty of care and was badly let down by a government that sent him there to do a job asked of him.

And so my battle begins.


Pete North said...

Welcome aboard and thank you for doing this.

caroljones said...

I met Sue just after my son was killed in Iraq on 20th November 2005. Both our sons suffered the same injury, and both were killed in 'snatch' vehicles. This vehicle is a death trap, and should be scrapped immediately, but the MOD keep using it and more of our soldiers die. The death of Phillip has devastated Sues family and they only exist from day to day. Shame on this Government.

Miss.led said...

So they were used in the battle to win hearts and minds! Never mind the safety of our British Soldiers.

I suggest that you will be waiting a long time for any answers to your questions, wish you well with your battle.

beatroot said...

Warm welcome Sue.

gatesofvienna said...

i just find your stories just hearbreaking my heart skips a beat whenever i hear of the death of any soldier but more so if it's one of our own.
This government considers everyone elses feelings except those of the British people.
They should hang their heads in shame each and everyone of them.
What price a life in their books?
Love and peace.